“Optimism is so difficult to keep, yet, after all this, it persists.”
…………………………………………………………………..  Vytrvalý Nádej

Abstract in nature, yet so very important to it. He is the warning sign, 

the innervision to peace or self-destruction. Calmly and confidently in 
eyes wide open he watches and protects the inner being of innocence 
and the beauty of nature inspires him to love and give. He is not ugly! 
And the prince is not a prince. But he can be crazy like a poet 
clinging to the words of Gods and Demons and the drama of your 
sneers and snickers of him. This is love for all of you stuck in 
boredom and the intense madness of our darkside. In the danger of 
the Forest he does not seperate his emotions. He struggles mightily to 
control his mind is open to suggestions if you really want to be 
human. Lean on me, he expresses sincerely, lean on me. The water 
has stopped breathing. The air is bleeding confusion. The Earth is 
beginning to swallow up the young. The threats of mass murder and 
extinction are all around him. But yet, he sits there as constant as 
ever, on that log, on that water, in that Forest, hoping, dreaming, and 
manifesting the reality that humility is a blessing and evil… cannot win!

by Umar Bin Hassan
from Poetry International Web


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