Approaching the Cold Solstice w/ J. Kepler

we’re falling deeply in
—in as deeply as we get
before we spin again along an ellipse’s rim
to a more congenial spot for blood and breath

what the astronomical survival odds
(our outer limits) are, who knows?
but time is short by late report

listening now to ersatz jazz
I shift Pandora’s voice,
I move on, linking new music to my
thinking by simply clicking
thanks to all the tricks our technos know
which is obviously permanent
and, like serious snow, is sticking

in this marvelous, magnetic, angular hour
when sun and earth seek a new relation,
and we anticipate the warm benefits
that will be here in little over half a year
(as they will not be for globe-mates
in the southern hemisphere)

there will be foxglove and hydrangea when
Kepler’s laws revive the sun again

by Jim Culleny

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