I’d Never Thought of it Like That


The past is inevitable.
…………—Delmore Schwartz, Poet


Though likely, tomorrow’s not set
This day’s loose ends twist in the wind
like kite tails in blue jerked at the end of present’s string
they’re codas no one can sing—

the future’s not something on which you should bet

Only Now sings real arias

If you stand on the bridge in the middle of town
where the river splits at abutments in bow waves
beneath your feet as the bridge’s foot in the stream
becomes a ship’s prow plowing north to nowhere
the riverskin gives the early crimson sky
an oscillating rendition of itself
in its otherwise slick mirror

you glimpse your bobbing head
in flames of pleated clouds

You are its aria
As you turn and walk off you get
that the past is inevitable
and set

Jim Culleny

Photo: The Bridge of Flowers
by Martin Yaffee