Listening to the Moonglows High Tech


They once flew in from Philly on Jocko Air,
Moonglows upon a
Blue Velvet carpet,
vocals smooth as that plush fabric (
with falsetto)
—music black, blue,
head-shattering, new

In a moment as far gone as first lust and Secret Loves
done in three-chord riffs and four-part snug fits:
sung harmonies perfect as hand-to-glove

smooth ooo-wahs
over silken, spoken lines
in bass registers round and lush
as the celestial spheres of ancients
projected upon a night sky crooning
young love:

…. I Knew From The Start:
which of course we never did

…. The Ten Commandments of Love:
as impossible to keep as the originals

…. There’s a Moon Out Tonight :
which, being brilliant and full, I almost understood

…. My Imagination: which has been both boon & curse, bad & good
and, of course,
…. Sincerely,
wrung from the passion of the possessed (but as inclined to spin
as even best intentions too rehearsed)

—but now the Moonglows coming in on more sophisticated waves
lifted by an Amazon (Alexa) who’s not of Jocko’s school,
who flies them in but absent Jocko’s
throwback cool