Mid Day 1/20/17


I’m not listening to a speech that will surely smother much with nothing,
nor to proceedings that ooze lies

I’m not listening to unsurprising, sure and certain doublespeak 
(to the oral writhing of a chameleon in red tie)

I’m not listening to the patchwork monologue of a chimera,
nor the vague and vacant assurances of a narcissist saying, “Only I”

I’m not watching suited actors shake hands as if the recent past had not be taped,
nor the installation of a wretch who’s rhetoric says, wreck-is-nigh

I’m not watching when that which should mean hope means nope —or nil
while the constitution’s crushed under a user’s heel at the instant he says, “I will”

I’m not watching a flag of ignorance being run up a state pole
I’m not buying a ceremonial charade
as inaugural wine is dumped in a black hole

I’m not marching in that parade
—not slurping from that bowl