New Vinyl

album stack

…. —Elegy

to take an album in your hands
to feel its slight heft
to unsheathe it from clear synthetic skin
to slip it from its cardboard cover
to scan its art, to flip it over, read,
then draw it from its inner sleeve
with care (platter’s rim to palm just so)
so as not to grease and soil
its lyric grooves with finger oil
which might later cause
a lead riff smother

to hold in hands —but only by its rim
between two palms— to catch the lightglaze
caroming from its onyx spiral, cast
like hairs in onyx vinyl

to drop its center hole upon a hub
and, as it spins, to lift its diamond arm
above the disk and set
(with steady surgeon’s chance)
its fine smart tip to spinning rifts
to do its oscillating dance,
its bouncing ride off

to send vibrations out
as turning table shifts
and shadows scatter

ah, in that tick of space & time
music’s all that matters

Jim Culleny