What’s in a Bagottle

“Bagottle: a word I have just invented for the plastic thing that 2 liters of Coke Zero now comes in. It is too rigid to be a bag and too flimsy to be a bottle. And if the cap is off, it is hard to pick up with one hand because it won’t hold its shape and gets squeezed and Coke comes out the top.” —FB post of a friend, AR

A definition of a formless thing that seemed instantly appropriate in another context, so this happened:

What’s in a Bagottle?

coke zero
As days plunge on
and months blur by at fuller throttle
I realize all my thoughts —the dreams
the poems the songs the things
I’ve questioned all along, the answers
I’ve instantly made up —the pause between
my why and my reply so short of breath,
so inarticulate, spare and rough, so glottal—
are formless as the zero juice in a bagottle

Jim Culleny