A Meating of Mind


if my brain does not tell my arm what to do
nothing much will come Shazam!
without a brain my arm’s not much smarter
than a leg of lamb

meat without mind will never get much done
while mind without meat
would not have much point in space time

on the other hand— when they mate,
when mind and meat meet

when they kiss and touch things fecund soon become
and run the gamut from dumb-and-dumber
on up to the sublime: 
demagog dujuor to Albert Einstein

this is how it is with sentient things:
mind needs meat to do its work and meat needs mind
to have an incentive to do anything

but mind-meets-meat is a crap shoot,
sometimes it’s a match made in heaven
sometimes it’s a down-spiraling hell-bent hoot

Jim Culleny
August 2008



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