Sparrows of God’s Intent

“It is clear that inanimate bodies reach their end … by intention
… therefore, there is… an intelligent personal being by whom everything in
nature is ordered to its end.”   –Thomas Aquinas


The moon is hitched to the earth
by a divine syllable

propelled by god’s word
it orbits inside the O of Om
and proceeds in the syntax of Zeus
reflecting the lingo of the Lord as ordered
while Tsunami,  jarred by the jargon
of Neptune, is formed by one of his faults
and tends landward on the tip of His trident
scouring seaside towns from landscapes
as if Neptune intended pointless revenge
for the sin of the kin of Ulysses
who was nothing but a marionette of God
at the time he blinded his son, Cyclops
as Tornado, warrior wind, slung trucks
down a prairie interstate at the wish of Wotan
who just last Wednesday
(whimsically and coincidentally)
issued what He called
a surprise low pressure edict
to an Oklahoma town “…for the hell of it,”
which He legitimized by spontaneous invention
of a peculiar law he called the
Covenant of Diminishing Returns
—the global version of which has worried
all sapient breathers since Adam bit the dust,
who came and went

In this way Aquinas helped transform
billowing mind into a cage
for the sparrows of God’s intent

by Jim Culleny, 5/17/11

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