Dim Bulb on Watch

                       —North Atlantic, 1960
Ship in rough seas



at sea in a cork
on the back of a frothing bull
grey to infinite horizon
smack in the middle of it
stupid in adventure
bullspit flying everywhere
lurching twenty, thirty feet per leap
pitching, yawing, rolling, falling
it never occurred to me
that I might drown

and so, the dim bulb
of the boy I was
lit my way. And what
dim bulb still does?

Jim Culleny
May 2006


My Book, Odder Still, is available here at Amazon.

Odder Still is collection of 120 poems written over a period of 35 years from the 1970s to 2014 including many here on the Blink website.
Odder Still Cover B&W 02

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