Everything is What it Seems

one“…shimmering through the leaves and out beyond the black lines of her neighbors’ chimney pots were the stars, beacons whose light left them long before there were eyes on this planet to receive it…” — archeologist Jacquetta Hawkes

we who live in deep space and trip
on curbs looking up at stars bound in a tight mesh milky-way
of interstices of light years through which
thoughts of breath pass and blood seas flow,
in which muscle is bound by mystic ligaments
to an armature of bone—
we’re always mystified by what seems a disconnect
but with simultaneous sparks in mind
which bind as one here and there
with a  filament of personal matter,
       ..   a container of tissue and dreams,
                   a tiny conscious blip
to which oldest light comes
and goes and scatters

and everything is it,
and shimmering it
is what it seems

Jim Culleny