Once Upon Blue Velvet


on a Blue Velvet carpet
the Moonglows, in from Philly,
flew through my radio
on Jocko air

…..ee diddly ah po!
….  this Jock on the scene
….  with my record machine
  … Sayin oo papa doo
  … and how do ya do!—

smooth-as-blue-velvet vocals,
cloud-high falsetto, music blue,
mind-blowing, new
now distant as first lust—

Secret Loves in three-chord riffs
and four-part tight fits, harmonies
snug as hand-in-glove, ooo-whas
fluid, silken, over spoken lines
of bass tones, lush, as if
spheres in night skies
were crooning
young love:

…. I Knew From The Start:
which of course I never did

…. The Ten Commandments of Love:
as hard to keep as the originals

…. There’s a Moon Out Tonight :
which, being brilliant and full,
I almost understood

…. My Imagination:
which has been both boon & curse,
bad & good

of course,

…. Sincerely:
spun from the naivete of
the possessed

—but now, in a room
of a closer-to-nearly-departed

listening as if his ears were given gifts
of bygone stars from utter space,
the Moonglows come in new waves
lofted by an Amazon, Alexa,
who sails them through clouds of algorithms
to a stark black cylinder on a table,
suave as they were then,
but without Jocko’s
loose cool

Jim Culleny