stuff I can relate to


at the moment I’m gagging on politics
voted this morning
way more than halfway through the big book
feeling stupid

other than that all’s ordinary
had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy yesterday
the nurse, at least, says my upper and lower orifices
and their caverns are ok

fortunately no politics involved in the assessment of either
very cut and dry, though the political scene
has a surfeit of big mouths and assholes
there’s no known medical procedure
to bring them around

had a dream the other night
(I seldom dream, or remember them)

it’s murky, but
the whole thing’s gist (the dream’s)
was that I was out of it
not up to the events of the dream
slow as a dimwit

but I’m on sabbatical now working with a home guru
and my whole world’s kale, rutabagas, and basement carpentry
—stuff I can relate to

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