—on being corrected by my wife for a misspelled Wednesday

ok, ok, in fact Wedneaday is a new day
(don’t we need one every once in a while?)
it comes after Toodleday
and is exactly one day before Thurbleday
which itself precedes Fryday
which is closely followed by Shatterday
(but not too intimately lest we have a birth day incident
and wind up with a tiny, odd little day
appropriately called Sonday — or Daughterday
depending upon X or Y)

in any case, after Shatterday comes Shunday
—a day dedicated to shunning anyone
who shattered your dreams on Shatterday
(hopefully not me)
finally we come full circle to the day before Toodleday,
Mindy, who is not really a day at all
but comes between Shunday and Toodleday
(if she has an artful and tender lover
with a day off)…..—so their!

by Jim Culleny

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