In a blink the sun comes up
over mountains sublime
and the sea laps it’s rim like a pup

regal elms come and go
splayed trunks broken by blight
limbs corrupt

future and past abide
winds whistle side by side
bodies touch and often burn up

wars rage
scriptures are taught
good and bad divide
killers are caught
doors open doors shut

in a blink they say
never the twain shall meet
but twains meet: poverty collides
with those who live like Tut

notions of right and wrong are cinched
in tiny minds that grasp and clinch
and root and rut

love is made
bodies entwine
hate’s kicked on its ass so hard
it can’t get up

mountains move
the earth erupts
promises are kept
and given up
and odes and fugues
make offers
we shouldn’t refuse,
they demand
we not interrupt

in a blink
all of us know
but no one agrees
if mountains are mountains
and trees are trees
if sky is sky
if mud is mud
if wine’s just wine
if blood’s just blood

either way
in a blink

in a blink
we drink
it up

by Jim Culleny; March 19, 2005

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