Death of 832

“We have from the beginning of the Holocene, you know, the raising,
the creation of cities in the Tigris/Euphrates, we have created a world
in which we marginalize that which we don’t think serves us as well
as it could. We’ve turned nature into a thing.”
……………………………………… —Barry Lopez, author, moral philosopher

The Death of 832

…….. —for Yellowstone’s remarkable alpha female wolf 832F,
……..    shot for being Wolf.  And for all the fewer fish in the  sea

By the arithmetic of wilderness
more is more and less is less

In the math of civilization
more leads to privation

We have our sanctuaries of conceits
to gloss the truth that nature eats
itself and never satiates its hunger

At the food chain’s top
we are pumping up our numbers
behaving ever younger
like profligate me-amassing
adolescent bunglers

Wisdom never comes
our predation never stops
collateral damages occur
so the likes of 832 are going

by Jim Culleny

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