A Day is Almost

In all cases, the goal is to move past literal life into the imagination
to render the almost—to express the mysterious ambiguity that is
more deeply life.  
—Nicholas Dawidoff, writer

Yesterday I walked the wide lawn
of our side yard with a grandson
who toddled beside in a state, almost,
of disequilibrium, but he attended
his balance and stayed erect and the
walk we walked was almost
the something else that would become
when he would walk a wide lawn
with his own grandson

if his days were something like mine, almost
as lucky and restless, fruitful and void, almost
as happy as a calm, full as an empty cup,
or vacant as the hole at the center of a wheel
around which, if it were not, spokes could never spin
and nothing would be, almost,
…………… but no, nada
is something we cannot imagine
nor bear, nor almost be

Jim Culleny