True and Mythic

The Odyssey’s like the Bible 

in its tale of getting home,
which can be hell for sure,
more for some than others, but
let’s sweep that under the rug
as we consolidate fortunes
to keep as long as possible
from crossing death’s path

The first was a tale of a man
who stood for all in getting home
despite Calypso, despite what a man
might believe he wants but learns
home is the better ecstasy
and freedom’s not always freedom,
who longs for sex with love,
who spends hours on an idyllic beach
gazing beyond for ground

The other’s a tale of all stumbling through desert
to get a handle on 
what makes them tick
…………………..who are they?

what’s a parted sea about?
what could possibly be the upside of  
all first-born males being slaughtered by their God? and
what’s the  downside to Holy Land?

both tales are
and  mythic