Two on a Stoop

Adam made a seat of a stoop
and stared into the lit mist
His lover threw away a piece of bitter fruit
and noticed how differently
their hands were made

She pulled his fingers up and kissed

One light from a house high upon a ridge
suffused the vapor atmosphere
from the top of the crest to the gully cleft
a hundred paces off

Headlights caught the top of a tree
The road unbent
In a great sweep their beams discovered me

That moment went
and we returned to harmony,
to harmony

As the damp of the cool concrete
rose like a thin tide up around my seat
the tin sound of a tv played
from a dark room in a house around back
that an old woman and a man had made

The near slap of a screendoor slam
precedes a woman’s voice
She calls the name of a man

His answer and her first address
echo in the wilderness
down by the gully bridge
and up the long steep cedar bank
to the house high upon the ridge

Jim Culleny; 1978


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