Who made you?
God made me

What else did God make?
God made all things

Why did God make you and all things…
 …………..—Children’s Catholic Catechism


god made the world
as much a cesspool
as an emerald in space

why did god
make the world whirl,

and why me,
part dark part

why did god concoct
schism, emeralds, sewers,
shade and light,

why did god so diddle?
why make two poles?
.Ah— no ends, no

seeing  the corona of an eclipse,
grabbing the ring of fire
round a vacant gate

here a veined leaf
there scorched earth upon a silver plate
unbounded bitterness and love
weightlessness and weight
decision, indecision

are we made to serve, to love
or to launch hate on a roll
to null the two of we?

but to null the two of we
leaves me with no
god to love

Jim Culleny

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