Past Prime

Knowing I once could whip
two 2 by 12 by 12s
to shoulder height
from a ground-level stack
without ripping a ligament;

or haul two sheets of drywall
at a time across a room alone
without reaching for the liniment,

I’m pissed at being humbled
by a mere rock-salt sack
I strain to lift and lug
and spread so as not to slip
and be laid up with a broken hip.

Jim Culleny; winter 2007


2 thoughts on “Past Prime

    • Not exactly. Mr. Rutt (remember him?) warned me a few weeks before senior finals that I’d be flunking his English class and would, therefore, not be graduating with the class. A few weeks of intense studying with my buddy, Bruce David, saved me from myself. I passed. Got the second highest mark in the exam leaving the class incredulous given my past performance.

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