Beachhead —(Listen)


““The best evidence we have suggests that early Earth was completely covered by oceans…(but) if you link two amino acids together to make a protein, you have to remove water.” And that would have been impossible if the amino acids were immersed in an ocean. Life needed some land—literally a beachhead—to get started.” —Tim Folger

though landbound, we were all once ships
we understand the sea which undulates within us,
bobbing on its swells in time.
swept by winds that touch and grind us

few think we’re flawlessly designed
there are breaches in our hulls
we come perilously close to rocky spits,
adrift, each one looking for a beachhead
longing for a place that’s still
while everything around us shifts:
the patch of earth by which god’s seas are parted
where future past and present sit
where love and luck may then be started

by Jim Culleny


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