Time is Slippery and i’m a Pause

I stay, I go: I am a pause”
—Octavio Paz

“We measure time in set amounts— seconds, minutes, and hours.
But the way time feels is more slippery.” —Shayla Love, in Tonic 12/3/12


i make way through town
in December which flows

like the river i just crossed
i see i hear, always interrupted,
always of myself
i’m a pause

i meet slippery time
like a bridge abutment
which splits the whole of joy apart
unless i slip and join ahead behind
i see touch and hear
by laws


I flows through town
in December which is the river
I just crossed

I sees, I hears, uninterrupted,
always is —doesn’t pause

I shifts slippery time
around bridge abutments,
is the whole of joy past cause

I shifts and joins ahead behind,
sees hears touches, past word
past name, past laws


Jim Culleny
© 2018