Teach the Children About the Cycles

……on a poem by Gary Snyder

Lew comes to Gary in a poem
and tells the thing that must be taught,
he says,
            Teach the children about the cycles.
The life cycles.
He may as well have said

the universe is a breathing spinning top,
the children should know this,
a cliché is its essence,
what goes around comes around believe it or not;
            All other cycles, he says,
so as to bring the truth of all turbulence

to the fore and set it on a table turning,
to make the why of their dizziness understandable
and clear. Because, Lew goes on to say,
It’s what it’s all about but it’s been forgot,
which keeps us in our fears and burnings
and our fables while at the center,
at its hub, everything is still. This is
what they should be learning

Jim Culleny