be careful among words
they shift as do other illusions,
like those 2-d boxes on a page of joined walls
that flip insideout when you least expect it,
against your will, while you watch!

as if they had a mind of their own,
as if things may, without a
moment’s notice, transform
into something else as if jarred
by bottomless tremors which might
render you insane…

(be careful among words warned
Lao Tzu)

…or were you all along actually out of sane?
out of sane all the while, but, by fate’s twist,
after a long life, despite your foot-dragging,
by fate’s mercy, now not out-of at all,

but finally in sane —all in

without that lonesome insane sense
of otherness we know simply as

………. “I”

Jim Culleny