Sunrise Sunset Shadows Light

Sunrise sunset shadows light,

these constitute the day

I’m awake at midnight in shade
—in shade till dawn

Unless I set the night afire with lampposts
I may look from shadow and overhead
see stars no longer there


they may now be nebulae, dark matter,
the molecules of future schist, imagination,
lightdust, nascent stone, more or less;
but still I see them from my umbra,
the dark of me: my consciousness

At 5:19 the sun comes up and sends earth’s umbra to oblivion.
Just the shadows stay that prove with light the daily  is  of things:
a long, earthbound silhouette of arbor vitae
stretched west across a lawn that shrinks as day goes on
until at noon it puddles underneath the lowest branches of its tree
then spreads east past noon in light
until it blends with night and fades away

Sunset sunrise shadows light
constitute the day

Jim Culleny