Darwin’s Surf

……….—Ode to Cells

Before metaphorical allusions

we are warm and wet.
Seas surge within us. 
In little cytoplasmic bays, cell
tiny ships of golgi moor
near lysosome cays enclosed by
permeable breakwater membranes
all which rise and fall with nucleo tides
ebbing and flowing through generations
rendering noses pug or aquiline
and eyes skybright or in colors of loam;
tides that sculpt with Darwin’s surf
graceful geographies of bodies
that draw the tissue curtain
between what is and what’s not
over muscle and bone 
inflaming passion, heat, desire
to close the current’s ring,
to come together again
immersed in what is warm and wet,
to touch, embrace, to recombine,
to love, 
to sing, to lose,
to remember 
to forget
Jim Culleny