Before I Entered Time There’s Nothing

I’m not blowing smoke
or posing as sage
it’s an honest consideration

the universe may as well
not have been a universe
before, before
matter of fact was not
before I entered time

—how do I know this?
there’s not one memory
I can hang a word on
before I entered time
just void, white as the sheet
of this page before I keyed
the first B, now
I’m somewhere between
T and H near the end
of this tale’s title’s last word

—by the time I get to its G (gone)
will there be any words still
left saying, any do still
worth doing as I leap from time
will there be anything more than smoke
when this fire’s doused,
curling up and up while there’s still
a little gravity and something
lighter than air
—will the music stop?


Jim Culleny