a most constant friendgalaxy sky
sets the pace of the day

depending upon content
the day is short or long
but light’s oblivious to duration
and so is most content

from every place she leaves
to every place she goes
light comes (it might be said)
religiously, and faithfully
tells us what she knows

mornings came and went
in galaxies we still cannot see
(distances that supersede
even her swift speed
keep them the dark) yet, constantly
she made way in time —a spark
arcing through dust and nebulae

as supernova atoms shattered
she set off from star clusters
maintaining, like a metronome,
the pulse of mind-with-matter
illuminating every wall upon which
her photons splattered
perturbing all with all the force
her waves could muster,
serving me, at last
the brilliance of the earth
upon a solar platter

by Jim Culleny

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