Nightshade & Imaginary Sublime

Franz Kline painting

before dawn, beyond a clear pane
the stuff of whiteday resolves
from nightshade after a heavy snow
leisurely reforming memories in a skullcave
energy-sparked, reigniting
every name we give to what shimmers,
sees, dances, feels, loves, speaks,
hates, seeks, dreams, keeps, or lets go

the stuff of white day comes forth

as if called like Lazarus
to repeat its first formation,
at noon the substance of whiteday
shatters nightshade defining
every snowbound cranny & nook
each hollow & hump with strokes of shadow
as Franz Kline once bold-stroked
canvas with a brush

but nightshade too repeats,
never sleeps, stutters with day in pleats of time

whiteday now called to wrap itself again
in winding sheets until a daylight
of imaginary sublime

Jim Culleny

Painting by Franz Kline