Such Winds Have Hit But

here in this carload
i am eve
with abel my son
if you see my other son
cain son of man
tell him that i
………. -Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway Car,
……….. by Dan Pagis

some things are written on the wind,
written on typhoons with muscle enough
to lift a locomotive
we never know when such winds will hit,
birdsong is written on a breeze, vulture
croaks are written on tornadoes,
a woman’s moans are gusts
lifted in the hymns of cultures,
a child’s cry is muffled by
the breath of men

—suddenly the wind shifts,
suddenly the song is changed,
what was a dirge becomes
a Hallelujah’s chorus,
songs of birds drown out
the croaks of vultures,
a woman’s moan is heard
above a cultural din,
a child’s cry smothers
the breath of men
by Jim Culleny
Jan 7, 2010

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