Many Diamonds -(Listen)

if I were to cross this bridge

a thousand times —no,
I’ve crossed this bridge a thousand times

along the length of its steel lattice rail
through which my small daughter
wanting to look down at small-town icebergs
sailing in the swift spring surge
had stuck her head, turned it just so,
and in trying to withdraw could not,
and cried, I’m stuck!

Her wool cap caught in the top vertex
of one
of the many diamonds
of the rail’s crossed straps
I reached my left hand over the top rail
on the river’s side, and laid it on her cap’s wool ball
while on the other, between her head and the strap’s steel,
placed my right; with both I 
eased her head
to the diamond’s wide center
to the spot through which
her head could easily pass.
She stood, adjusted her dignity and cap
and grinned—
 we laughed

by Jim Culleny