Chasing the Ungettable

.“… on 15 December (2015), two separate teams at the (Large Hadron Collider) independently reported hints of (a new) particle… the reaction of many experts was similar to that of US physicist Isidor Isaac Rabi when the muon…was discovered in 1936: (to wit) “Who ordered that?”

Who ordered that?
is one of the oldest questions

running through minds
on nags of philosophy and theology
since thought began: 
one foot upon each
both upon either, or knocked
by the tiniest gods known to man
into the traces between
and dragged through mud by steeds
until that question
comes up bloodied by  stallion hooves
of deep-thinkers 
to be asked again
and again
to this day like a stylus
in a vinyl groove—
as if it could ever be answered,
be well enough spun and given to a world
that would then be satisfied
with the newest exploits of math
and science riders:
a posse on saddled protons
who’ve embarked upon a lightning chase
around CERN’s
 Large Hadron Collider
Good luck with that, said the
and-long-time-light-and-dark –matter-provider

by Jim Culleny


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