Rapprochement Small Talk

just wondering
if worlds seen from a distance
are really smaller than they are
could it be that when we sleep
the world we leave goes on without us
perhaps you remember the old days too
when greenhorns multiplied their joys
and were thoughtless as a new moon
is it possible that, from above,
everything is seen through a rose window
bright as Venus or is there nothing
to be seen between us
maybe you needed to spend some years
on an island being tuned
maybe you thought I might be
shoveling snow this morning
on the cusp of spring
I want to ask if maybes still exist
or if tomorrow is so sure a thing
so, are you still counting coup
on the enemies of the morning dew
haven’t heard, so I thought I’d tell a new tale—
one of thoughts that have never been played,
thoughts naked as new babies born today
have you noticed something odd?
nothing ever changes but the color
of the feather in the hat band of god
could I
would you
what the
why the unworn
soles of shoes
on the feet of
the dancer?
when did you say you caught
last glimpses of the ghosts you fought?
you didn’t say, but I suspect
you’re still stuffed with words,
a cornucopia of clever twists
in our alphabet
it’s possible this is all a mistake
as even god is not perfectly awake
for what it’s worth breakfast is the best meal of the day—
the sun’s a fresh egg, clouds are white albumin
—ahead? a day with lots of space to stew in
guess I could just say something
to circumvent our broken
bridges of contention
with their bent beams and frayed
cables of suspension
if it’s not too much to ask
how’s your weather?
fine, and yours
I hope is
even better

by Jim Culleny

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