Appreciation (in several senses of the word) of an Essay on Robert Frost

………—to J.:

Thanks for this, J.

There’s much in your essay
as there is in Frost’s poetry
your essay shows
—may you get many clicks
at 3QD, which clicks
would be well worth it
in tocks and ticks

And thanks for wrapping with “Stopping by Woods …”
which takes me through a roundabout
that’s not all gratifying in truth

I memorized the poem in the seventh grade as an assignment that’s never left me 
I say it aloud every now and then perhaps to have an eyes-open appreciation
of what was, as well
as an proclaimer of imminence in case I’d missed it

In further years many things are more pronounced, and will be again
—not only in the sense of
no-nonsense retro clear reflecting pool”,
but as an
honest take on this moment too which we call today

Frost, duplicitous, slipped a life into that poem when I wasn’t looking
and leaves me here stunned at his serious cunning

thanks again,

Jim Culleny

Discovering Robert Frost
by Joshua Wilber