A Post-Truth Saint’s Tale

“Root has spent the past two decades unraveling the thread between climate change and the eventual mass extinctions of countless species of plants, animals — and, yes, humans. (but) There’s more. When the gray-haired bird watcher shares her findings, she’s often met with personal attacks; naysayers hurl their disagreement and disdain, complete with name-calling and threats from politicians.

“I’d always thought that facts and the truth would win out; then I realized that wasn’t the case,” …—Terry Root senior fellow at Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment

A child coming up in the USA today

should not be thought of badly for thinking
truth and facts
are fungible, like spice in soup:
aromatic, pungent, suited to taste,
which we know is not absolute

They ought not be called out for using words
wrung dry of meaning
since words are only tools
which may be used in any way,

as hammers can be used to drive nails,
bash beams, or (to stretch a point)
extract teeth to painful wails

Forget fact, Confusion’s the only port
to which our word destroyers sail
Upon mooring they make every argument moot,
and lies post-truth saint’s tales

It’s in the wind it’s taken root

Jim Culleny