on my knees in weeds pawing earth 
looking for my squash
among prolific opportunist grasses 
and broad-leafed virtuosos
at finding sustenance 
in the garden of a faux farmer
finding advantage in his jammed schedule 
in life’s intrinsic distractions and precious irrelevancies
his asamprajanya

on knees I sweat under an indifferent sun to undo the effects of
looking the other way
while rooted intruders ensconced themselves
in a life of ease throttling zucchini under the erratic care
of a life-long
junkie of mysteries, dreams and peeks behind scenes,
looking for grails among wild greens that threaten his squash’s
fundamental privilege to bear fruit, 
who counts angels
and grasps at clouds 
while many weeds take root

Jim Culleny


*Asamprajanya (Sanskrit):  inattentiveness, non-alertness