Going Home


first reckon where it might be
by compass or some other means
ethereal or scientifically

but home is where the heart is

though some hearts have been
in many homes, longing
lonesome and ironically

for some other place,
anywhere an un-present heart
would rather be— call it
restless love or wanderlust
or just lust; hearts wander

but home is where your roots are

though roots also wander far and wee
as cummings (e.e.) re-strung the line,
roots dispersed like rhizomes of sumac
or bittersweet reaching wild just beneath sod
here and there & there and here
to the ends of earth if they could; “Wee!”
they say, thrusting leafy fingers everywhere
North, South, West, and E
and up to touch sky.  they call “home”
nowhere everywhere anywhere
may be

Jim Culleny