Action at a Distance

On “action at a distance” of particles:

 particles have definite states even when no one is looking (a concept known as realism) and if indeed no signal travels faster than light (locality), and, as has recently been discovered … you can keep locality and realism by giving up just a little bit of freedom.
This is known as the “freedom-of-choice” loophole.
 —per physicist John Bell

He was not looking but
….. she was not an apparition
….. standing at the center of the room
….. loving him
She was standing but
….. being there in that spot
….. precisely there,
….. not on the moon, say,
….. nor in the wind gathering speed
….. toward eternity (though
….. that wind always blew) he knew she
….. loved him
They were free but
….. things are not always what they seem.
….. The world’s a funny place—
….. even Einstein said parts of it are spooky.
….. We love and hate
….. in the places we stand
….. practicing all in freedom, or not.
Yet he knew.

Jim Culleny