The Basin

The voices of my friends
in the sunlight

All of us running
around outside
our deaths
……………. —Michael Dickman

The Basin
—Boonton NJ, 1958

running around outside
our deaths, inside our lives

this wheel’s on fire
spun off its hub

feet hands arms
to touch, to hug

in a town a river ran through
ran through arteries of blood

to long and lust to love
many streams deep
breathlessly wide

a basin in a gorge
through which turbulence glides
we came to hang
to hide, to dive

ncoherent flume
white exhilaration
slides over boulders
to The Basin’s calm

(a trailer for the ride to

the into its still cup

space     shade      light

that     this     then     there

dappled, incomprehensible balm

by Jim Culleny


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