When Andromeda and the Milky Way Collide

the night sky now is both
a spray of stars of mother’s milk
and points of light as bright
as your last kiss

in its spray certain densities exist
think of them as knots in space

in them space insists
that nebulae twist and pulses race
in them you might even make out
articulations of another’s face
or of one concealed behind
a veil of starry lace

attitude is key
and so is grace

but when Andromeda
and the Milky way collide
things will change
any status quo will not abide
(you can never count on it to keep its pace)
so then, in terms of hearts, there would be tears

but you needn’t be concerned for us
since astrophysicists who’ve counted well
tell us this collision will not happen
for four billion years

Jim Culleny

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