Frida Kahlo’s Brows


Who would not be blown away
by Frida Kahlo’s brows?

They soar over her eyes like a crow
broad        black        wings       spread

two hooded planets in its grip
scanning for a place to light and dine,

the back-to-back parentheses of her nose
poised beneath, but above the pursed lips
of a rose

From portrait to portrait they fly
within the riveted space
of Kahlo’s face, changeless
as a signature.

This is me, Frida,
they say.  My black crow
is my revelation to you

This raven mark is the sign of the Mexican girl
who realizes her unique beauty with
bristles of brushes  in odors of oil

Once you see these brows, says Frida,
I will be indelible.  My brows
will be stamped in your mind’s eye
until the day their pigment dies
or until the descent of a crow
cradling two eyes in its claws
becomes impossible because
all the thoughtful will have

Jim Culleny; 2008


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