On a recent video

Truth can be vulgar
ignorant lewd
indecent obscene crude
coarse or unrefined—
it does not respect class
but is itself classy on a

transcendent level
but infinitely hard to manage
among humans in

Truth may say “motherfucker” at times
when the discourse level’s been
reduced to threats and epithets by a stone narcissist—
is not necessarily a thing in a narcissist’s

if truth doesn’t get a narcissist to his goal
(passionate, requited love from a mirror)
he’ll turn to bullshit first then segue into lies

this is well documented
in history, in books and videos:
the vulgar men of empires
risen and

in any slice of history you can be sure
that vulgar Truth said  “motherfucker”
to some power-ass whose shattered being
was too much to take or ignore anymore:
until someone spit the
vulgar truth
of it

Jim Culleny