But Balance Never Changing All in All

before the sun rose
he rose

he spoke to shadows softly,Balance never-02
so as not to stir them,
but letting blood and
spitting sweat sometimes
when they were too cruel
saying, respite, respite

outside, a tree’s lamplight shadow,
fat trunk, dangling limb,
lay across asphalt

Matryoshka shadows nesting,
each taking smaller others in,
huge consuming small

shadow peas in a shell game
ballooning the unknown
mystery by mystery
in onionlike proportion,
in oddest equanimity
balanced, without distortion
as the scale,
teetering on its fulcrum rested
to become a resolute equation!

Known to left and small
Unknown right, immense in full inflation,
but balance never changing all in all

by Jim Culleny



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