Song: Down in the Valley

He go down in the valley, see

he come to the sea
Yeah, he do a lot to his mother, Earth,
and he think he may do as he plaese,
he may do as he please

Got no time on his mind
too much frieght on behind

When he come up from the ocean
on his way to the sky
he breath in the air all around him
and he see that the earth never lie,
that the earth never lie

But he had life on his mind
had no weight on behind

You all know the new man,
how he lives and how he dies
I know that you’ve seen him,
how he cheats and how he lies

When he go lookin for his future
it got eyes on his past
Yeah, when he get to see what he started
he may see why the end comin fast
why the end comin fast

Got no love on his mind
too much hate on behind

by Jim Culleny